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I recently moved to a new job, and realised that for my development environment setup, I really needed a list of useful VS Code extensions. This blog post is that list…

Extensions I’m Using

More and more, VS Code is my main editor of choice (for web development, scripting or simply taking notes), with Visual Studio really only being used for heavyweight .NET projects (support for C# projects in VS Code still leaves something to be desired). As such, I have a large list of useful extensions for VS Code:

Some people might be wondering why I don’t just use Setting Sync to keep my extensions synchronized across different VS Code installs. I personally don’t like using Setting Sync on work installs of VS Code and if possible, I avoid using personal accounts on work machines.

Extensions To Evaluate

These are extensions that I’ve either started using recently and can’t yet give a recommendation for it, or extensions I intend to evaluate soon:

Just to point out, there are some awesome tips and tricks to improve your productivity with VS Code at Visual Studio Code Tips and Tricks. You can find further extensions and resources at https://github.com/viatsko/awesome-vscode.

VS Code - A Developer`s Penknife

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Visual Studio Extensions

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